4 Rules to Pairing Wines with Spicy Foods

In honor  to our loyal Spicy lovers; we at Arawak Farm decided to untangle the mystery behind why Spicy foods and Wine “don’t mix”.  


The Challenge

Mixing Spicy food and wines is definitely a challenge; everyone who’s ever tried it knows that one usually overpowers the other and you’re left detracted from the real flavor of your dish. Spicy foods, like our Spicy  Herbed Chicken Wings , are fiery, feisty and  flavored with different hers & spices; it would be sinful to not be able to taste them. In order for you to get the best of the dish and its flavors, and enjoy a great glass of wine just go with these simple rules we have laid out for you.



The Rules


  • Avoid Reds.

When it comes to spicy foods, it is best to stay away from tannic wines like the Cabernet  and Shiraz blends as the tannic acid mixed with the spices with gill you a bitter taste. The spice will make the tannis more pronounced and that is what will eventually cause the bitterness.

  • Avoid Oaky wines.

Many wines are stored in oak barrels whilst they ferment; these are the ones one must also avoid when pairing spicy foods. Oaky wines are usually darker in color like the Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Oak will overpower the spices.

  • Stick to Fruity, Aromatic and Sweeter wines.

Rule of thumb when pairing with spicy foods is to go with sweet-crispy wines. Alcohol will accentuate the burning sensation of the spice, while sugar will tame it.

Barbera from Italy, the Beaujolais from France, the Alabariño from Rias Baixas, Spain, Grüner Veltliner from Austria, Vouvray (especially off-dry) from the Loire valley in France  , the Riesling and the Zinfandel are all expert’s favorites.

  • Try Whites.

Similarly to the Reds, Fruity and aromatic whites are great choices (i.e. your favorite Sauvignon Blanc) . The Dryness of the white will give the impression of sweetness, perfectly counterbalancing the spice of the dish.

Champagne and Sparkling wines [always brut] also create a nice contrast to the spice.



WE hope we helped make your Wine shopping less confusing…

Eat, Drink & Enjoy!


The Arawak Farm® Team


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